Sreenivasa hospital

Sreenivasa Hospital  is Multi-Speciality hospital in Bangalore.


Sreenivasa Hospital


We earned the reputation of being one of the finest institutions in the healthcare sector backed by a team of dedicated doctors of national and international repute. However our key areas of expertise is in Orthopedic rehabilitation,Neurological rehabilitation, Pulmonary rehabilitation,Sports Injuries, Special manipulation and Mobilization, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Pre & Post operative physiotherapy, Therapeutic Laser therapy, hip and knee replacement surgery, sports medicine, spine surgery, trauma & critical care medicine, eye-care & high risk obstetrics.

Hospital is a high-tech fully-equipped facility committed to transform the scientific findings and experimental discoveries into viable treatment alternatives for respiratory ailments, basic therapeutic issues and sleeping disorders.

The Pulmonology division provides comprehensive lung care to patients with lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, ILD, allergic disorders, pleural effusion, resistant and life threatening infectious diseases, cases with acute and chronic respiratory failure and multisystem disorders affecting the lungs. We provide cutting edge clinical assessment, analysis and treatment for nearly every pulmonary condition and disease.

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Maternity & Child Care

Our Hospitals is One of the best Maternity & Child Care Hospital in Bangalore

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Dr. Vijay

Routine checkups with your doctor,Regular health check-ups ensure your continued good health,Don’t self-medicate Please Go to hospital for check-ups

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routine checkup

Regular Health checkups Is Essential to finding potentially Life Threatening Health issues  early before they cause a problem

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